So You Don’t Like It Dirty? Bring Your Car To iSplash Car Care

So You Don’t Like It Dirty? Bring Your Car To iSplash Car Care

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We’re assuming you’re a car owner or enthusiast because you’re reading this. Many individuals now confuse car detailing with car washing. Detailing a car elevates washing to an all-new level. As the name implies, we focus significantly more on the details to vastly improve the end outcome.

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Being the best detailing company in Lahore, we have created a detail-oriented process. We use a wide range of tools and solutions to clean, repair and protect your vehicle’s various surfaces to a high quality. To simplify the process, divide it into two parts: internal and outside.

Preparation by Washing

At iSplash Car Care, we start with a rinse and then a wash to break down bug spatter, filth, and the worst of the traffic film, followed by snow foam, which clings to the paint and softens dirt, similar to how you would soak your dishes at home. Our business also sells special pre-washing items.

The wheels are then cleaned using a variety of specialty brushes, gloves, and wheel specific cleansers suited for the heavy, demanding labor necessary. Finally, the entire exterior is washed in two buckets using washing mitts and gentle microfiber towels before drying.


1. Tar removal – this will chemically soften and remove tar stains and other pollutants adhered to the paint, allowing them to be safely wiped away.

2. Fallout removal – this breaks down rust, allowing it to be rinsed away before it has a chance to penetrate deeply and destroy the car.

3. Clay bar treatment – It removes all leftover pollution from your paint, leaving it sparkling smooth, but it also leaves marring marks.

Polishing to Eliminate Scratches, Swirl Marks, and Other Flaws

Being the best detailing studio, we believe it is a critical phase in car detailing. The car’s exterior is polished using specialized polishing materials, machines, and pads. Scratches, swirls, etchings, holograms, and other features can all be erased or minimized to direct the attention away and leave an equal surface.

Surface Defense

This stage guarantees that your vehicle is fully protected against external conditions, such as acid rain and UV fading. It not only protects but also makes maintenance easier by providing what is known as “the self-cleaning effect.”

Time to Move on to the Interior

We begin by walking through the car and eliminating any light, loose debris we find and bagging anything potentially valuable to prevent it from being lost during the cleaning process. The mats are then removed and cleaned, and the car is thoroughly vacuumed.

Cleaning of Leather and Fabrics

To maintain the lifespan of your leather or fabric, our detailers employ professional leather and fabric cleaners. We steam, shampoo, and wet extract with fabric and carpets to remove all filth and grime.

Cleaning of Internal Components

As the best detailing company in Lahore, we suggest you to get the internal parts thoroughly cleaned. These include AC vents, dashboards, moldings, and any other hard surfaces thoroughly clean utilizing steam and specialized cleaners and brushes, among other things. are

The Ultimate Fragrance Touch

iSplash Car Care’s detailing staff will finish by spraying your preferred air freshener. If necessary, additional protection items such as sealants and coatings might be added to interior parts. It is difficult to describe how you feel when you pick up your car. It might rekindle your love for your vehicle.

There’s a lot more to it than that. Therefore, if you have any queries about car polishing, please get in touch with the best detailing studio by calling at (+92) 335 477 5274. It would be our pleasure to clear up any confusion you may have.

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