Clay Treatment for Automotive Paint Decontamination

Clay Treatment

Clay Treatment for Automotive Paint Decontamination
Clay Bar Treatment

What is Clay Bar Treatment?

Clay bar treatment is to keep the paint surface of vehicle in idealize condition. They are extremely handy into cleaning the micro dust particles. The flexibility of clay bar can be effortlessly re-shaped and extended. This is ideal for utilizing on autos in order to smooth the surface of the vehicle. It works by delicately pulling and lifting the reinforced contaminants off the surface. The clay barring is a procedure before polishing that will give additional profundity of shine and layer of ultimate luminous look after.

When Clay Treatment should be performed?

The clay barred process just needs to do as soon the paint surface becomes rough and feels bumpy or twice per year once before winter and once after. This is essentially the base required because before winter clay barring is imperative as a result of the parched climate. While it is necessary after winter because of the immense polluted scraps run over from the streets and affixed on to the surface of the vehicle.

How Clay Bar Works?

The clay bar works in diminutive segments in the initial place. Firstly, our auto detailer chafes the clay bar generously onto the surface to skim away the sludge and scratches. The clay bar is expensive yet it is utilized twice by overlaying the tainted side inwards together, to uncover the clean and spotless perfect sides. Car clay bar is used to expel contaminants and toxins from the surface of auto’s paint, glass, fiberglass, and metal. The preeminent thing about clay bar is that it is absolutely non-abrasive and it doesn’t affect paint or clear coat by any means. Moreover, it just evacuates grime and contaminants without scratching the clear coat.

What’s next after Clay Bar Treatment?

Basically, clay bar restores the silky smooth finish and creates a clean surface for the wax application. These dust particles gather on the paint and infiltrate (undergoes) in the layer of vehicle, which cannot be sponged off through customary auto wash techniques. The clay bar will evacuate the implanted road grimes and different materials. Furthermore, clay bars are specifically utilized on glass and rims as well. Different clay bars are applied on rims and on the paint. The professional auto-retailers never use the rim clay on to the surface of the car because the stained clay will defect the surface of the car. So, after using clay bar we protect the paint with a sealant or wax.

Clay treatment is an important procedure of Auto Detailing, this should be performed before compounding and polishing the paint surface.