Ceramic Coatings for Automotive Paint Protection

Ceramic Coating

Automotive Paint Protective Ceramic Coating


A ceramic coating is a product that is in a form of liquid applied on the external body of the car. The chemicals involved into the liquid are mild and effective that bonds quickly with the texture of the car’s paint. The ceramic coating is a valuable protection layer that shields the car from contamination and dirt particles. With the usage of ceramic application the paint is covered into a strong layer of secluded form. Moreover, it can be called as a defensive substance that provides a long durability to the exterior parts of the vehicle.  The consuming time of the ceramic coating is great and does not require after few months. The ceramic chemical bonds with the surface of the car for more than twelve months, that adds up a supreme protection towards the body of the car. In addition, the ceramic product is also known as the wax alternative that does not wash away or break down perhaps it stays for a longer time. The coating gives a result that the surface becomes resilient smooth and easier to clean. In addition, none of the product serves this kind of slickness, protection and durability.


  • It protects the car’s paint from UV radiations and oxidation
  • Oxidizing is rusting: If a car exposed to the rays of sun or you park your car under the sky so its paint will turn into colorless and begin to fade., whereas the layer of ceramic coating will help to shield it from oxidation and environmental contamination
  • Ceramic coating leaves high gloss and mirror like reflections after the application, it is not only the source of protection but also improves shine
  • The acidic environmental contamination destroys the surface from deep down so with the use of ceramic application, the protection will be served and will decrease the strong chemical stains and filth from effecting the paint
  • The damaged area should be decontaminated in a timely manner so the coating will result more effectively because ceramic coating is hydrophobic product that repels water which means that the droplets will not stay on the surface rather it will easily slide off
  • With a use of ceramic coating the road grimes and dirt particles will take time to bon with surface of the car
  • The contamination can be washed easily from the external body of the car
  • It adds a clarity and depth into the paint that enhances the reflection and produces candy gloss


The ceramic coating adds value to your car but it does not mean that these chemical will wipe each and every hard marks from the surface. There are some disadvantages of ceramic coatings which clears the thought that it will not solve every problem of your car.

  • Almost all swirl marks are dissolved with the ceramic coating whereas, the deep scratches are often exaggerated
  • The ceramic coating helps to slide over the water, but water droplets contains several minerals in it that stick to the surface of the car and it becomes difficult to take them out of the body. Therefore, the minerals in a form of beads remain on the externals parts of the auto which is called as water-spotting
  • While using the ceramic coating one needs to wash the body of the car regularly in order to maintain its outlook
  • The application of ceramic material does not make the 100% maintenance-free


The durability lies according to the level of formation of the products, there are different chemicals, expensive and moderate that helps to maintain the surface of the car. The products of ceramic coating leads to five years of international warranty but in Lahore, Pakistan, we can stretch for 2-2.5 years approximately due to environmental contamination and carelessness of a car owner.


The ceramic coating products are safe and best to apply on the exterior of the car. The application avoids damaging the clear coat of the paint surface. Moreover, the ceramic coating does not peel off from the parts or becomes yellow or crack up. The versatility of ceramic coating is that it can be applied on any clear coat surfaces. We use the products by GYEON such as the Gyeon one, Gyeon pure and Gyeon dura flex. These products give the finest outlook to the surface that the customer will not lead to apply wax or sealant protection layers. Our trained crew work with detailing in order to have a versatile coating layer. The ceramic coating works as water repellent prevent from UV radiations, protect the surface from discoloration and road grimes.

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