Iron Out and Decontamination

Iron Removal and Decontamination

Quick and Effective Method of Decontamination
Iron Removal and Decontamination

The iron out is a process that evacuates brake residue and iron particles from the surface of the vehicle. The application of solution prevents the paint from defecting and erosion. The iron out remover is in a form of liquid solution that can be easily sprayed onto the bottom areas of the auto. Moreover, the chemical is appropriate for paintwork, aluminum, wheels, rims, and glass. It contains specific acids that help to fallout the hard road grimes and pollutes. The iron out remover is used to clean the wheels and the surface of the paint from the decontamination and grimes.

In short, iron out is a surface decontamination system which is completely safe and effective on automotives paint.  To notice how iron out remover work is to detect the contamination particles on to the surface of whatever the area it is applied on. The grimes, road dirt particles and dust are attached to the parts of the car and are not easily removed. It is a biggest problem to vanish the contamination from the hard and metal areas such as rims. The issue of pollutes hang upon the paint and metal areas that cause contamination, while with the use of professional methods and products like CarPro IronX and GYEON IronOut are utilized at our place that can take out the rusty particles.

The problem with the fallout of stains and iron particles is solved with chemical acids involved into the iron out remover spray. The dried fixed dirt patches are on the auto from top to bottom and is unable to get rid off with the use of polishers and clay bars. The iron out spray is so useful in letting out the particles from the congested areas. The spray works as a finest material to remove the contamination substances and turn out as oxidized parts into decontamination. Moreover, the chemical removes the tar which is a kind of grime substance in black and brown color. The remover fallout the tar spots without scrubbing or damaging the paint as the other chemicals do.  In addition, the process should be applied twice in a year, once before winter and after the foggy weather.


  • The iron out remover saves the time than utilizing the of clay bar over the contaminated areas
  • No machine is required for the application of iron out solution.
  • It is a dissolving chemical cleaner that fallout the dirt particles less than ten minutes
  • The spray involve such acid as degreasing substance which helps to remove the harsh grimes
  • It is advanced with PH neutral formula that leave a shine after rinsing the car


  1. The car is thoroughly washed from the pressure washer with the soapy solution. The excessive dirt and mud is washed out from wheels and bottom parts. Once it is washed our trained workers make sure that the vehicle is cool to touch and dry.
  2. Once the wash up process is completed the iron out remover is shaken thoroughly before spraying it on to the parts.
  3. The sprayed chemical of iron out remover is left over on the surfaces and other parts for minimum five minutes.
  4. After leaving it for five minutes, the surface area is rubbed with a sponge or micro-fiber piece of cloth onto the iron out remover in order to spread it all over the parts and meticulously the chemical is absorbed in those specific areas.
  5. The contamination particles rises onto the paint and turns its color into purple. The sponge is dipped in water and before the solution gets dried, the wet sponge is rubbed on the surface.
  6. The last move is to attach the hose on the pressure washer and wash the areas thoroughly. Once the car is rinsed off, the entire iron remover looses the area and is off the surface of the paint and other parts of the auto.
  7. Using a micro-fiber towel the parts of the auto it dried out.

With utilizing this process the iron out spray solution diminishes press particles into a dissolvable shape and make them flush away with water. Therefore, iron out is less forceful than conventional corrosive based wheel cleaners, gels, removers, whereas iron out remover is more secure than other chemical products that evacuate such contaminants and have a tendency to cause surface damaging all the while.