Kia Sportage Model 2019 Detailing Explained

Kia Sportage Model 2019 Detailing Explained

Qasim Javed


This post will answer the most frequent questions asked by some owners of the newly launched Kia Sportage 2019 in Pakistan

  1. Why should I Detail my brand new Kia Sportage Model 2019?
  2. What are the advantages of protective coatings?
  3. What happens during the detailing process?
  4. Which materials you use?
  5. How much time does it takes?
  6. What is the price for this type of service?
  7.  Is there any warranty?
  8. What is the maintenance schedule?

Why Detail a Brand New Kia Sportage?

That’s the most common question asked during the inquiry phase. We will try to explain in simple terminology because Paint and Body works is a complex subject in the Automotive field. Not every dealership has the top quality professionals who properly paint finish their car lot before delivering it to the buyer. In most cases the production factory also neglect the need to 100% finish and protect the car’s paint due to the fact that it adds to the price of the car in the competitive market. You may have noticed that on the day of delivery, when you go to receive your brand new car, it looks slightly different as compared to the same model showcased inside the showroom. That’s because the dealership want the best of presentation for increased chances of their vehicle sales and that you are handed over the car from the lot after just a simple wash. Now look for the imperfections present on the paint surface, you may see minor swirls, blurriness/dullness/oxidation and even minor scratches. But don’t worry this is when a professional detailer comes for the rescue. You deserve to actually drive a truly brand new car in its most appealing condition. Its a guarantee from a detailer’s perspective that the pristine looks last longer from the high grade protection products applied as compared to a temporary look provided by the dealership.

Advantages of Protective Coatings

Glass/Ceramic Coating, act as a sacrificial shield that endure against environmental impact. Every car built consist some variety of visible surface elements like paint, glass, plastic, rubber, chrome, metal, alloys,fabric, leather etc. To maintain the original and like new looks of these surfaces, protective coatings are installed based on different formulas that bond with the surface and not only protect but also enhances the overall looks too. For example car exterior black plastic moldings tend to get fade over time, but a coated mold not only protect from fading but also introduce deep rich blackness. As for the paint, the coating protect against UV rays and from the environmental contamination while maintaining the deep dazzling shine with mirror like reflections.

What happens during the Detailing Process?

Detailing process includes many procedures. It requires extensive knowledge and experience to successfully pull off challenging situations. We will not be going in depth of this subject here, but will share an overview. The job contain three phases. #1. Extensive Cleaning #2. Polishing #3. Protection. In the extensive cleaning stage it starts from cleaning the most dirtiest part of the car that include the removal of wheels to access the suspension area known as wheel well. The undercarriage is thoroughly cleaned using heavy duty degreasers. Then both sides of the RIM are decontaminated using special iron removers. After the wheels installation the outer body is decontaminated and all the limescale that may have accumulated on the sides and corners is safely removed following with the engine bay, that gets cleaned using steam and strong cleaners. Now the interior detailing is performed before moving on to multi stage polishing of paint. As the car goes through the polishing stage, it is then prepared for coating application.

Which Materials you use?

Car detailing is complex due to the fact that it requires a large inventory of different chemicals and materials. There is a reason why detailing is done by professionals, because they better understand the problem and make on the spot decisions about the approach. Car detailing include numerous phases and steps that require suitable products for cleaning, restoration, polishing and protection. If we specifically talk about which certain products are required for a full car detail it will be a whole lot complicated story. There are variables that circle around the condition of the car. In the case of Kia Sportage we used professional cleaning agents and finishing products by world’s best car care brand Meguiar’s and Gyeon Quartz (an some other). Below are the product names that we used during the Kia Sportage Detailing process.

  • Shampoo: SONAX active foam energy
  • Degreaser: Nanoskin Homerun
  • APC: Meguiar’s APC plus
  • Clay: Meguiar’s aggressive detailing clay
  • Iron Remover: Gyeon Iron
  • Compound: Meguiar’s
  • Polish: Gyeon Quartz polish
  • Finish: Gyeon Quartz Primer
  • Leather: Gyeon Quartz leather cleaner
  • Prep: Gyeon Quartz Prep
  • Protective Coatings: Gyeon Quartz DURABEAD, TRIM, RIM, TIRE, VIEW, LEATHER SHIELD
  • Metal: Meguiar’s NXT metal polish

How much Time does it takes?

A finest signature detail of a brand new SUV normally takes 3 days to finish. This also includes full curing time for all the applied coatings.

What is the Price for Signature Detailing?

Some people ask why professional detailing is expensive? the answer is quite simple. The high grade car care products are sourced from different parts of the world by world’s best manufacturers, these products are expensive and as mentioned above, a full inventory of materials are required to pull off detailing jobs. Most importantly professionally trained and experienced staff can only produce near 100% perfectly finished results that means they charge at a higher rate with so much risk involved in the complex detailing jobs. Time is everything, so the price exponentially increases due to the factors mentioned earlier. Consider no fixed price. Keep in mind an estimate of 70-90 thousand rupees.

Warranty of Detailing?

Sometimes new car owners ask about the warranty of car detailing. We constantly try to educate car enthusiasts about the proper way of maintaining cars once detailed. The warranty is given by the manufacturer that is only valid on the condition that it should be installed by a certified detailer. We offer a free car maintenance training session for our coating customers so that they enjoy the long term benefits for their car. The warranty is void with improper wash.

Maintenance Schedule

Car maintenance depends on some few factors. Like, how much is the daily mileage? and, under what sort of environment? the more the car is on the roads the more it encounters environmental contamination, increasing the chances to degrade quicker. We provide a custom car maintenance plan according to the routine and daily mileage.


Based on the facts, now you may have learnt about the most frequent questions car owners ask. If you still have any further question feel free to drop it in the comments below.

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