Jet Foam Wash

Removes Dirt Quickly and Thoroughly
Jet Foam Wash powered by Karcher


The process of jet foam wash is to evacuate the impurities and loose contamination with the foam gun instead of working with several conventional products while rubbing the surface. The car shampoo foam is a mixture of high quality detergents intended to remove the bird droppings, dirt particles, salt and the various pollutes. The snow foam is showered on the entire exterior surface of the car, leaving it up for a couple of minutes, and afterward rinsing it off with the help of pressure washer. The snow foams are intended to permit a thick, smooth, cleaning liquid while covering every part of the car while wait on paintwork to grease up and lift the dirt from the surface. The method is professionally done by our auto-detailers to eradicate the grimes off from the car. It loose the road pollutes from the wheels and the road salts attached to the rims. In addition, the foam chemical softens the grit particles from the surface of the car, paint and other parts. The jet foam wash is an authentic way of contamination removal and a more safer way to maintain the outlook of the car.



The snow foaming shampoo is made up of different detergents to shape a thick layer upon the surface of the car to remove the grits and grimes. The snow foam works wipes out all the waxes and short-term SEALANTS from the paint. The foam is like a magnet that attracts the dirt particles hidden on the surface of the car. Our professional auto-detailers decontaminate the areas of the car with snow foam before applying any paint care products.


The application of this thick foamy layer is applied with the help of foam cannon. The foam gun work as a blower with a small bottle attached to it in order to spray the shampoo on the surface. The nozzle is joined to produce high pressure foam to create extra lubrication to pull out grimes and dirt off the paint of car. The thickest foam covers the entire parts of the vehicle and is left over for little time to light the level of dirt and grimes.


The pressure washer is a tool with superpower nozzle that support less time in working than tough working hours. The tool blasts the water out and removes the material and dust particles from the hard surfaces of the car. The pressure washer machine does not utilize the heated water as it rinse off the grimes with normal temperature water.


The jet foam procedure is held completely in professional hands without any hurry. The foam works with five to ten minutes than removed, whereas the snow foam stays longer on the dirtier lower areas of the car. Our trained workers pay heed not to set the snow to totally dry on the car.


Out auto-detailers utilize professional imported products to carry out a refine and shinning outlook. The snow foam helps to get rid of the impurities and removes the contamination. The Karcher Jet Washer is the best to make use of in removing the grimes and dirt patches. Moreover, we consume different variety of car shampoos like NANOSKIN Hyper Suds, Meguiar’s Hyper Wash, SONAX Extreme Gloss. These all products are expensive yet precise the work and helps to maintain the surface of the car. The detailers consider different imported cars shampoo products with the application of snow foam in order to remove all stains.