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Car Detailing

Our Detailing Process

Throughout the year an urban populace city like Lahore suffers from intense heat in summers, smog in winter and heavy rainfalls in monsoon. During intercity travel, the vehicle suffers from road debris, environment dust and heavy soiling. With all of this, the car exterior tends to fade and lose glamour quickly over time. Our professional car care service offers full detailing and protection. The vehicle stays safe against environmental contamination. Moreover, Keeping good maintenance retains the resale value of a motor vehicle.


At iSplash car detailing studio, intensive cleaning is performed using high quality all-purpose cleaners and degreasers. This includes precisely cleaning up dirt, grim, hard dots,spots, and filth.


Restoration works involves careful treatment of heavily contaminated/weathered surfaces and corners. The swirl removal and light scratches are a vital detailing step to get rid of paint imperfections. Overdoing or mistreatment may permanently worn-out and damage the material or surface. Oxidation present over the surface of metals that helps to be restored.


Finishing work involves the rejuvenation of surfaces like plastics, metals, leather, chrome, paint etc.

Detailing Works