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The wheels tend to loose shine with brake dust and road debris eventually degrading the overall beauty of the car. There are different type of wheels such as modern aluminum alloy (they are lighter and stronger) and the aluminum wheels. If the excessive brake dust and stains are left on the wheels it corrodes the surface and leaves large pits that are hard to fixed later. The grits are accumulated between the crevices and holes which are not easily removed with just a solution. Different cleaners are utilized according to the condition of the wheels as the aluminum wheels are non-acidic and can easily be cleaned with imported products whereas such clear-coated wheels is made spotless with use of cleaners suitable for clear-coated kind of wheels. The brake dust causes discoloration and heavy stained patches on the parts of the wheels. Our auto detailers choose the fine cleaners according to the wheels of the car.


Gel: The application of gel gives another layer of protection that protects rubber against cracking and color fading. The shine is maintained with the use of gloss gel and next time whenever the dirtier wheels are at wash, the brake dust releases the surface easily because of the gel.

Polish: The wheels are maintained and protected with shield of polisher. After rinsing off the water droplets, dirt particles the rims are polished and every part of is covered to get rid of the greasy stains while metal polish is applied to the wheels for extra shine and protection.

Clay: The clay bar is used on the surface of the clear coated rims after the thorough cleaning process. It is used to remove the left over dirt parts from the micro-pours.


The car wheels gets damaged with the brake dust substances residing on rims after some time. The amount of brake dust comes from the brake pads due to the friction of braking. In addition, the dust settles on the wheels, consumes the shine and ruins the outlook of the car. The rims are also demolished with the materials of brake dust and it settles on the surface over a time if not removed. The brake dust is similar to sediment, soot and residue, it is tricky to remove from the wheels but our auto detailers use the finest products according to the condition of the rim to clean the surface. .

In this case, there are some genuine strategies that will evacuate the brake dust rapidly and effectively.


  1. There are several materials needed to wash away the dirt from the wheels and reflect a clean look. With the use of detergents and car soaps the scrubbing is done. After that with the flat screwdriver the hubcaps are removed off from the wheels in order to release the dirt particles and oily grimes from the holes. The use of hubcaps is still common while usually most of the wheels do not have it. Our trained auto detailers come across with every possible tool and product they need in order to refine the outlook of the auto.
  2. The wheels are brushed after the scrubbing part; the bristled wheel brush helps to remove gently from the minor parts of the wheels. The stains are accumulated on the surface of the wheel and only with the help of brush the road debris is removed.
  3. The dirt particles hide into the lug nut holes so with the help of lug nut brush it becomes easier to fine the area stored with dusty substances.
  4. While brushing the areas of wheel the soapy solution is made to let out the excessive dirt attached to the wheels. The sponge is utilized to make foam around the wheels and then again brush is used with the foamy solution to remove the grime particles.
  5. If there are dark spots, heavy stains and hard grimes the solution is scrubbed twice on that area to get rid of them. The brushing is done again until the entire surface of the wheel is clean properly.
  6. Once the wheels are soapy with the application of liquid solution, the wheels are rested for less than three minutes and rinse it off with the water from the hose from cleaning the brake dust and greasy patches.
  7. To prevent water spots after washing thoroughly, the wheels are dried with help of a dryer and towel to rinse the droplets properly from every inch of the tyres.