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Car owners often neglect the refinement of rubber sealing and never think about maintaining these rubbers. Rubber sealing is a part of vehicle that needs to be cleaned twice a month to maintain the body of the car.  With passing of time, rubbers get greasy and rusty if not cleaned properly. These rubber seals protect your car’s interior against the rusty elements. Moreover, it protects the car from dirt, water, dust and wind noise do not come inside the car while driving. The material of the rubber is damaged due to UV rays; heat, grease and time make them to get ruined. The rubber seals work to seal out the water or any other type of contamination. The rubber seals wear out due to greasy particles, dirt, become dry and then do not seal properly. The UV solar rays deteriorate the rubber seals and often time the weather with great heat exposure to outdoors ruin the seals as well.  Every car has different seals that protects from damaging the car.


Most of the car owners who keep their cars on the roads all the time they do not pay heed to clean the rubber seals. While most of them do not know how many seals are there on the exterior and interior of the car. The rubber seals are attached towards the inner side of the doors, sides of the roof, covering the edges of the engine around door jambs, of the auto. Moreover, the rubber seals are present on the exterior surface of the car as around the windows, panel of doors of the car.


The door sills get rotted and cracked if not protected on time; therefore to regain the outlook of the car the rubber should be changed. The rubbers get defected and tear off due to which air and water get in inside the car and produce more damage to sills. To prevent the greasy rusty outlook our car detailing experts use different imported products, such as cleaners, sprays, Meguiar’s APC (all-purpose cleaner) to clean the rubber seals. If the rubber seals are rotten then we simply advise our customers to change it as soon as possible as it will ruin the color of sills because of the greasy patches. The first thing to sort out the problem of rubber seal is to examine how much the defect is and what needs to be done. The rubber seals are also known as door seals that are invented to protect the interior and exterior parts of the vehicle.  The rubber seals begin to fall apart and get degraded if they are not reconditioned properly. Following is the procedure to become aware of the damaged rubber seals and how they can be conditioned.

  1. The rubber seals are all the way on the exterior side of the car as on the sides of the windows and present on the interior side of the car as on the door sills from the bottom to upwards. Using a micro-fiber towel and one of Meguiar’s cleaner is sprayed on the piece of cloth and begin to mop up
  2. To wipe over all on the rubber door seal which are so dry because of the dust. This is how the defects of door sills are conditioned. Cleaning with the towel all over is penetrating deep inside the rubber and making it soft, restored, protecting against UV solar rays, contamination or any type of dirt elements. The cleaners help to remove the dirt and grimes from the rubber seals
  3. The rubber seal is left for few minutes for drying, meanwhile the micro fiber towel is flip over to a clean side to wipe away the elements.
  4. Some rubber seals are tight while some weaker and begin to dislodge themselves from the area. Sometimes there is a gap between the plastic threshold and the rubber seal and there is a lot of dust and debris that get caught in there. For this cause a small brush is used to take out the dirt particles from that gap
  5. After cleaning the rubber seal, Meguiar’s Hyper Dressing is utilized as for dressing the rubber. It’s a water based dressing spayed on the micro fiber cloth and wiped over the rubber seals. This dressing will give a clean, tidy and matte finish look to the rubber seals.
  6. In the last step Meguiar’s ultimate protectant is utilized through which the rubber seals begin to look gray, softer more plush.