Interior Filth n Spot Removal

Interior Spot Removal

Dirt and Filthy Stains Removal
Dirty and Filthy Car Interior

It is not only important for car owners to maintain the exterior body of the car whereas the interior should remain clean and tidy at all times. The interior setting is the beauty of your car and if stains begin to reside then it reflects bad odor and unlikely outlook. The unpleasant stains damage the material of the car so the filth must be removed as soon as possible. There are many stains that can ruin the seat covers, the mats and other parts of car’s interior. These stains cannot be led out from only one procedure and one product and sometimes it becomes hard to let out the hard marks from the surface. But, approaching towards the best car-detailers can solve your problem in just no time.

Our staff is professional and they select the great different methods and products to remove the spots from the interior parts. For such of these hard stains (chocolate, makeup spots, water stains, pen marks, spilled coffee, different procedures are utilized. Moreover, the moisture gives worst impact on the fabric and sometimes it leaves the interior with musty smell. There are different cleaning agents that are used to refresh the surface from coffee, ink, makeup stains (made up of oily substances) and many more stains. Sometimes the how hard spots and stains demand different methods as the affected area can be restored either with cold water than hot. These major and minor things are studied through are trained staff and then they begin the procedure according to the stains.


All Purpose Cleaner (APC)
Use of cold, luke warm water (as the mild water will not set the stains forever)
Vacuum cleaner
Micro-fiber towel


First, the inside material of the car is vacuumed properly so that the interior parts get rid of the dirt particles, dust and grimes. The product works greatly with the stains after vacuuming the car thoroughly.
Next, the extractor soap liquid or spray products are utilized on the small areas of the interior because the APC (all purpose cleaner) is made up of hard chemical that need immediate brush and luke water to wipe out the stains. This step helps to break down the dirt, grimes and grease.
Then, the part on which the APC is used, the next step is to brush that area properly. The bristle of the brush helps to led out the stain from the area. Our professional car detailers gently rub the brush over the stains to avoid any damage to the interior. This process is served very calmly and smoothly because the bristles of the brush can easily tear off or destroy the area if it is used harshly.
After, the affected area is left for 3 to 5 minutes, and then it will be cleaned with the cloth and luke water so that stains and other particles get absorbed into the cloth.
Finally, the tarnished area that is cured with highly professional products is ready for the steaming. The streamer will dry the area and make it free from having water stains.

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