4 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Professional Car Detailer

4 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Professional Car Detailer

Qasim Javed

They are many factors that an individual should consider before spending thousands of rupees on something that is repeatedly used like their vehicle.

Before getting started we should know that coating itself is a very utilitarian procedure to have on your vehicle. Moreover, it provides sufficient protection to your automobile that it protect its paint, and most amazingly you do not need to wax your car weekly!

Now let’s discuss the most considerable factors to take into notice before choosing a professional car detailer.

1: Time

Now the reason to make time our priority is because a full and thorough detail on a vehicle, including Interior Reconditioning, Engine Bay Cleaning, Exterior Detailing, and application of Protective Coatings on Paint, Leather, Trims, Rims, and Fabric, etc; can take anywhere around a few days to complete, so any “professional” who tells you the job can be done in an hour, no doubt they are offering a poor quality service, i.e. mainly cheap products, or incomplete work (for example, uncleaned door jams), etc. In addition to that remember, time tends to go hand in hand with the cost of the service, the longer the job takes, the more it will cost, and the more care the detailer will take of your vehicle. It’s just isn’t a worthy detail if it does not take a vast amount of time.

Apart from that, time also matters on how dirty one’s car is, it does require a lot of time removing swirls and scratches without damaging or cutting the paint. Well, that’s also a great definition of a good car detail.

2: Cost

When considering a car detailer, the cost is the absolute wonder every customer would have in their mind, but before that one should set a budget, services are dependent on it. As a customer, you might want to keep your expenditures down and get high-class artistry. To find a great service package at an affordable price might be difficult but worth it. Now a thorough car wash should include thorough Interior, and Exterior, Door Jams, Engine, Under Carriage, and many other small pieces that are ignored by the human eye. The main important thing to consider before spending thousands of rupees is the Chemical used. Why chemical is important? Well to make it short and clear, the better and expensive the chemical the better the results. It is important to understand those cheap products like surf, diesel, and petrol, and even other cheap polishes and cleaners might not only damage your car to a great extent but also would cost you much more in future when the results would not match with the detailing by expensive and factual products, and tools. If a local unprofessional detailer is offering you a deal which costs you not more than a few hundred, we would suggest you should think twice before giving your vehicle to such people because for sure they are providing cheap quality services unlike professionals and experienced ones.

Apart from working skills, cost does matter on the amount of dirt and swirls on your vehicle, however, it would just cost two to five thousand more only.

3: Tools

Tools are also a very important feature to know about before considering a good detailer, as a professional one would always be ready with high-quality tools. A representation of an unprofessional would be a lack of knowledge of tools, products, and every other query that is a right of a customer to ask. Cheap machines and buffers would leave unwanted swirl marks and scratches on your vehicle’s paint, the main and basic things which you are paying to be removed.

On the other hand, a professional detailer would not only be expert in using every type of specialized tool they own but also they would have a great knowledge of cleaning products they use or ignore. Moreover, they can do way better at the Centre with proper and specialized machinery than remote workers with limited tools. Another representation of executive detailers is that they have complete and detailed knowledge of product questions and have professionally satisfying answers to them.

4: Experience:

Experience counts as much as the product. An experienced detailer would be coming up with better and less-time taking methods than others. Well, handing over your car to such experts is truly advisable.

5: Guarantee

Guarantee is what makes the true ones stand. A professional company would always provide its customers with sufficient details about how to handle the car after coating services and also with proper written Guarantee in which they owe you the trust to handle any issue if occurred in their service. Apart from that never be shy to ask questions; you are paying them to make sure to make it worth it.

6: Quality Assurance:

 Quality is something everyone will promise but it is quite rare to have 100% customer satisfaction. Some deep scratches and marks wouldn’t go that easily, and also some of them are so deep that they would require a little paint touch up so the detailer would require some amount of time to correct them. A professional detailer would not limit their efforts on the customer’s car until they receive 100% satisfaction, so search for this attribute in your hired detailer.

7: Reviews and Reputation:

Do research about the company you are about to get detailed from. For sure they would-be customers have satisfaction and dissatisfaction; they would express their reviews on the company’s social accounts. This is a really good way of indicating its reputation and effort on their customer’s cars. So do a search for them.

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